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EE Limousine Service opened the doors back in 1999.  With one limousine and the help of Mr. John Santepadre,  EE Limo was able to expand to the Houston area as well as the Orlando area at one time.  With Hurricane problems, Orlando was forced to close their doors, but New Orleans and Houston still remained opened.  Today, EE Limo has over thirty vehicles servicing the entire New Orleans and Houston area.  After Hurricane Katrina, EE Limo moved all of their vehicles back to the Houston area.  Due to the ecomony coming back little by little, EE Limo was able to place a small fleet in the New Orleans area.  With the comeback of conventions, festivals, and population, EE Limo will continue to be one of the top services in the Greater New Orleans area for the years to come.

Besides operating vehicles in New Orleans and Houston, EE Limo also focuses on Special events such as '
The Super Bowl', 'The Final Four', 'The World Series', 'The NBA All Stars', 'The Kentucky Derby', and the 'The NBA Finals'.  EE Limo has partners and affiliates in every major city nationwide, so supplying vehicles for major events  have never been an issue for EE Limo.

New Orleans, our main clientele come from out of town, allowing us to stay busy throughout every month of the year.  With the number of festivals and conventions that come to New Orleans, EE Limo has accommodated groups from 1-1000.  Besides airport and dinner transportation, EE Limo also has a number of weddings scheduled way into the future for our local residents.

Houston, we have a large number of local clientele, giving us steady work throughout the week.  Transporting our clients to and from the airport keeps our chauffeurs busy 365 days a year.  Besides our local clientele, we also have established contracts with major oil companies as well as valet services, giving us an edge on our competition. 

In Katy, Katy Limousine has been bought out by Carey Limo, so this has opened the doors to more clientele.  With our rates, Katy residents cannot go wrong by deciding to use our service.   Katy has doubled its population over the last couple of years, so this has allowed us to pickup even more clients.

Galveston, the cruise terminal has been our bread and butter since we first moved to Houston.  We keep our chauffeurs and vehicles busy throughout the years on the weekend with the help of the cruise terminal.  Our rates have been set at a reasonable price, allowing our clients to spend a little extra on their cruises.  Due to the amount of transfers we received, at times, EE Limo has been called 'The King of Galveston Transportation'.  >  ABOUT
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